Tuesday, 7 July 2015

DIY Travel Pouch

It's holiday season ladies, to those who have their perfect destination booked woop woop and to those who are not traveling, stay strong! Better days are coming! This year I'll be going on a family cruise around the Mediterranean and it's safe to say I'm excited. For me the holiday begins the moment I start planning what to pack. 

When it comes to the day of departure I like to keep all my information at hand. Having a document holder means your not that 'annoying' person holding up the line by frantically searching for your boarding pass (alas, that was me before I saw the light). It gives you time to focus on the more important things, like shopping and laughing at your friends whilst they're the annoying people holding up the line. That being said you may want to share the love (this post) with your friends. Making a document holder is simple and extremely worthwhile! Use for holidays or mini breaks. Whenever you need to be organised and in style!

Are you going anywhere this summer?
Let me know what your doing to get ready! 

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