Wednesday, 8 July 2015

DIY Mango Slushies

 So never in my whole entire life did I think this day would come; the day when those cursed 3 words  would leave my lips. IT'S. TOO. HOT. For the past week and a half London has been experiencing a heat wave or as I refer to it "hell deciding earth will be its new residence". It's so shocking because I love summer and live for the heat! However, this week I hd to draw a line, last Wednesday was 36 degrees, now that in combination with a headache and room with no breeze made for one very unhappy Lisa. That being said I'm one for second chances, so I'm pretty sure we'll get over this. 

To tackle summer (she can be a cruel mistress) I lived on one main thing, mango slushies! It's quick and simple to make because it has one ingredient; mangos! Yes, that's it. I'm a fan of keeping things simple and healthy and this ticks both boxes.  They make great treats any event, whether you're having a BBQ or in the garden working on the tan lines. It's a great alternative for fizzy drinks. 

What are your summer fighting techniques? 
Are you a head in the fridge find of girl or is sunscreen your war paint?

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