Thursday, 9 July 2015

DIY Dinosaur Trophy Head

Hi all! Hope the week's treating you well. What am I talking about it's nearly the weekend. That means something good is coming your way and it's well deserved! I've set myself the challenge of crafting more often rather than on an 'as and when needed' basis. Thinking about it, this should be my motto in life! 

So I'm a 90's kid, which means Jurassic park was, by default, one of my favourite films. This is still true today. Anyone who tells me that they have not watched it, is often met with a strong look of dissatisfaction and shock. Watch it, it's great! With this in mind, this week I was feeling a little reminiscent and decided I needed some dino love and appreciation in my room. 

This was the result! To say I'm pleased with the final product is an understatement, I love it! 
It can be used as a jewellery holder or a declaration of your love for all things dino, I'll leave that decision up to you. The colour can be adjusted to match your room but gold should be a staple. Who doesn't like a bit of gold in their life? I spent £1 for the dinosaur, £1 for the cork coaster and £6 on the spray can (which I already owned), so in total it was a great deal! Now the toy dinosaurs I used were not big, so this won't be a massive piece but its perfect to hang in front the door to throw your keys on when your dashing in and out. 

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