Monday, 1 June 2015

DIY Neon Sign

There's something inherently cool about neon signs and I have wanted one for ages. I came dangerously close to paying £60+ for one online not too long ago but I was strong. Who says patience isn't rewarded? The beauty of this is that it only cost £10 for all the materials! They can be easily sourced on Amazon. I created this DIY with a plastic backing but I'm itching to do it with a wood panel, imagine the glow (drool). Expect an updated sign in the near future. 

This DIY allows you to put your own personal stamp on your home decor. Creating the sign is simple but fiddley at times. The final product, however, is well worth effort. My sign has found a snug little home in my bookcase between Freud and Jamie Oliver. Home accessories can cost a bomb so why not do it yourself. 

Give it a go! 


  1. What a fun idea! I've been wanting a neon sign for ages, so I may just need to try this for myself.

    xx Hannah //

  2. Oh please do and I want to see what you come up with! X

  3. What makes the wire glow?

    1. The wire is battery powered. I'm not too sure of the techy side, sorry.