Wednesday, 27 May 2015

DIY Sprayed Coasters

Recently I have developed a love for party decorations and table laying. My Pinterest account is not helping this addiction; at this stage I think I can safely call it that. 

 Two things I've learnt through my exploration
1. You need an eye catching, awe inspiring focal point.
2. The little changes make a big difference.

This DIY is one of the little changes you can make to add to the overall feel of your decor. Whether it's a party or your just looking to add some colour to your dining table; this is perfect. As well as all of that, it was also one of my favourite things *drum roll please*… Cheap to make! YAY! Trust me creating the ever allusive hand crafted party is amazing but it can be unkind to your purse. So give it a try, it's 5mins of crafting you won't forget. 

What's your thrifty crafting tips! Comment below; I'd love to know! 

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