Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Current Desires

Hello! Easter's over but I'm still enjoying the privilege of being on holiday. Yay! What better to do with my free time than to rummage through all the goodies the internet has to offer. Oh and I've found some good ones. Recently, I've been thinking about creating a feature wall and need some new prints. Coppers, creams and greens seem to all be in at the moment. This works for me because they're the colours I need! I shall post results.    

Also, do you like my new logo? It was definitely a labour of love. I'm new to Photoshop and thought I'd do some experimenting.

1. Photoshop is all about practice (like many things). It's not necessarily hard (so she says) 
but it's time consuming.
2.Command C allows you to copy, and command V allows you to paste (on a mac).
Who knew!

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