Friday, 13 March 2015

DIY Tea Stained Doily Bunting

I may be jumping the gun but the sunshine in London has started giving me that long-awaited summer feeling. Now, when it comes to weather I'm an 'all or nothing' person: I want blistering heat or thick snow. That being said, I love any excuse to get into the summer/spring mood. 

With that in mind, I decided to do something with a warm and delicate feel. Now, what's more warm and delicate than doily bunting? That's right: nothing! (Well, not in my world anyway.)

How to 

1. Let tea bags brew in hot water. Let it cool a little before placing doilies into tea. 

2. Leave doilies until it reaches desired colour. Paper doilies can be very fragile so take care when handling water. (There were a few fallen soldiers.) I also doubled them up to make them stronger. 

3. Fold doily in half and leave to dry. You can use a hairdryer to speed up the process. 
They may dry crinkled. If so, place them in between the pages of a heavy book or anything that would flatten the doilies. 

4. Slot around yarn (or thread of choice) and space appropriately. Then you're done!

I'm in love with the way this turned out. I only wanted a faint stain but you can customise your doilies to your desired colour. If you try it, let me know!

Also, if you like the pompom garland displayed with the doilies, find out how to make them HERE


  1. This is so cute! Perfect for the upcoming easter festivities too!


  2. Thank you! I'll will definitely be using it for that too!

  3. I do like a paper garland - but a paper garland with pom poms, love it!!

    1. Ha! I know right! Like ketchup and mayonnaise, a partnership has been formed!

  4. Hi lisa I posted my liebster award nomination maybe you want to check it out!
    Thank you again for nominated me I've so much fun.