Sunday, 1 March 2015

3 Simple Tips on Staying Organised + FREE To-Do list Printable

Three Tips on How to Stay Organised 

I have mentioned in other posts that I have a bad relationship with procrastinating. 
That relationship is no more! 
Recently I've been thinking a lot about organisation and found some helpful tips. So, being the sharing person that I am and you being the lovely person you are, I thought we both deserve to reap the benefits! 

To help you on your road to organisation, I made a special 'to do' list for you to fill out!
Use it for work, chores, uni... You get the point.

Getting Sorted!

Set Targets! 

Often the sheer amount of work would scare me, so I would just avoid doing it. The more I put things off, the more it would haunt my thoughts, even though the load was often smaller than I imagined.

What to do:
Be clear about what you need to get done. Set yourself goals and follow through with them! There's nothing more satisfying then putting a line through that thing you've been avoiding. Setting it all out in front of you allows you to plan more effectively. You'll often find that items merge and the load becomes lighter. 

Be Aspirational but Realistic! 

I would often set too many goals, which would only scared me into further procrastination.

What to do:
Once you have your goals, you need to decide on the best way of carrying them out. Every lesson, my art teacher would shout, "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail." My ears weren't grateful, but my mind was! Indecision in itself is a decision, and never the right one. When setting goals you need to make sure they are ambitious but achievable. Set a tight schedule, but be aware of your limitations. If you know your working pace is a little slow, don't plan to do everything in one day. Spread the load; smaller more frequent goals will get you further. 

And finally...

Keep on Top of Things 

You've got the planning down, you know the drill, but some days are still easier than others. 

What to do:
Always refer back to what you need to do. Remember that you're trying to create new habits. You have to be consistent.

Being organised will ultimately open up doors for you. It means you're more ready for what life is going to throw at you. And trust me, she's got one hell of a right arm!
Hope you found this helpful!
If so let me know!


  1. great tips, will definitely be using the free to do list! thanks :) x

    1. Why thank you! Glad to hear you liked it. Just checked out your blog, looks great x

  2. Such an inspirational post! I am struggling with motivation at the moment x

    1. Thanks! Hope your journey to organisation is quicker than mine!