Thursday, 5 February 2015

DIY Trinket jar

I tend to hoard things. "It'll have a use some day" is the reason I have 2 draws dedicated to things I should have thrown away years ago.
However, fear not, today I'm here to tell you that sometimes it pays off! However, you probably should throw that old jumper that doesn't fit. Up cycling your previously loved items just takes a little creativity, thinking outside of the box and a quick spray of gold in this case. I used some jars I acquired over time.
Side note: I advise giving your closest charity shop a rummage if your not inspired with what you have at home.

So before I get started I have to say, it wasn't supposed to look like this. Quick tip, try to avoid doing this on a windy day. It rolled right off the table onto wet grass. That being said, I actually really like it this way. Don't get me wrong it looked good before it rolled too. You can try it if you like but that is something you have to show me! 

This is a pretty easy tutorial. So I'll mostly be giving you tips to help get the best outcome.

What you'll need
•Spray Can
•Tape (optional)
•Old newspaper (anything to protect the area you'll be spraying on)

Let's get started
1. Check the item-Make sure there isn't any dirt, stickers or cracks on the item. You I wouldn't want it peeling off and giving it a patchy finish. 

2. Prep the area- Set up in a well ventilated room but preferably outside. Spray has a habit of getting everywhere so make sure your wearing old clothes. 

3. Check the can- Shake the can well to avoid any accidents. 

3.1. Set out pattern- If you want create patterns, do so by covering areas and protecting them from being sprayed. 

4. Spray! Try not to do it in one hit. Chances are the spray will drip, instead do it in stages. Spray, let it dry a little then repeat. 
If you've covered areas with tape. Let the item semi dry then peel off tape. If it dries fully with the tape on, it could pull off areas you didn't want removed (not good times).

Once it's dried your done! 
I shall be storing bobby pins in mine. It's become a valued member of my dressing table. If you try it or have done it before let me know. I would love to see! 


  1. Love the look you've achieved with the spray paint Lisa, I'll definitely have to try this out sometime! x

    1. ah thanks! You would have to let me know if you do! x