Monday, 26 January 2015

Valentine's Day Cards

So heres a little secret. 
Up until the age of 21, I had never had a serious boyfriend. 
But your amazing Lisa I hear you say. I know, I am! But I had just never met the right guy and I wasn't  eager to have one just for the sake of it. 

And so, Valentine's was a bit of a mixed bag. I would use it as a treat day or hang out with the girls. For me, Valentines was and is about showing love to the ones around you (and yourself) be it with a card, chocolates or a text to let them know your thinking of them.  

This year I've been able to design Valentines day cards, YAY!
It still feels strange that my designs and drawings are on cards but they are and they look amazing. 
They are available to buy on our website.

Show some love to someone this year. 

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