Thursday, 29 January 2015

Current Desires

I love a good shopping trip but this year (all 29 days of it) I just haven't been in the mood to fight off other shoppers or walk around looking for little treats. However, I have been searching from the comfort of my bed. I'm a massive home body, give me pj's, a good movie, some snacks and I'm a happy bunny. 

Here are a couple of items that are on the 'buy after payday, when I'm not so poor' list. I think the diary may be purchased soon though. I've been struggling to find the perfect one, however, I've been struggling more with this lack of organisation (I can be a little forgetful at times). 
Let me know if you have anything on the list or if theres anything you think I should try.  

Oh and heres some audio goodness. 


  1. Great picks, I want most of these too!xx

    1. Thank ya! I was supposed to wait but I've bought the diary and album already.
      Hi, my names Lisa and I'm a shopaholic lol xx