Thursday, 11 September 2014

Clothes Alterations: The Basics

Hidden deep in your cupboard is that item of clothing you fell in love with. The one you tried on and didn't quite fit, so you promised yourself that you would take on the role of domestic goddess and fix it yourself, well it's time to resurrect them!

Most of the time small alterations can easily be made with some basic stitching and creativity.
 Firstly look at the item and figure out why it doesn't fit you; is it too big, where exactly could you take it in to fix that. It's important to know initially what flatters you and what doesn't so your adjusting it to best suit you. These things can be done with items you'll have lying around at home.
If you've never stitched before here's some help.

The usual problems are that it's...

Too Long
Try the item on and fold it to find a length that suits you. Mark with a pen, remove and cut. Depending on the material you won't need to stitch once cut. I usually use this on t-shirts.

Too Revealing
Find a piece of fabric (lace is usually nice) to slot under your top.
Your local fabric shop will always have left over cuts of fabric you can get for free if you ask nicely. Once your happy with that pin it in place and stitch.

Too High Cut
I often use this on tshirts that I want for casual wear (primark mens sections is the best)
Lay out the top and cut along the collar, never cut straight across as it usually takes off too much. It's better to take off too little rather than too much.

Give it a go and let me know how it went!

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