Tuesday, 9 September 2014

A Work In Progress...

Never pass up a deal. 
(...like a genuine one) 
That's one of my mottos don't be put off if they don't have your size or you buy it and it's not the right fit. Most of the time it just needs adjusting to your body with a pin here or there. I'll be doing a post on basic clothes alterations soon!

Whilst shopping I happened across this Kimchi blue Victoriana Maxi Sundress at Urban Outfitters. 
Like most of you out there, my size varies from shop to shop and so I was a little weary about getting the right one. 
When it arrived I realised that due to my 'travel size' stature, the dress was too long. 
So, I'll be taking it up (I love this dress, so I'll be praying for a steady hand). 

I won't be showing the adjustment in this post (sorry).
I got the dress in the post today and was too excited about it not to share
but I promise you'll see it soon!

 But until then here is a song to keep you going...

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